Michael Moenning Photography


Working as a commercial photographer in Chicago for the past 24 years I’ve learned a few things along the way that keep me going each day.  First, listen more than talk when work is involved. Second, look and be patient, the photo you’ve been waiting for is just moments away. Third, photograph the scene and in such a manner that you don’t become a part of it.  These three simple thoughts have helped me build a successful commercial studio outside Chicago and it’s these three simple thoughts that assure me my best work is yet to come!

My education and professional background is based in photojournalism, so telling stories with pictures is something that makes sense to me.  It’s also a fundamental trait of good communication, being clear on the message and then telling it to the viewer. 

Creating Northlight Studio, Inc. my commercial photography business outside of Chicago, IL has been a great ride. What sets me apart from other photographers is the ability to listen to my clients and truly understand the message - your message.  Working together to create photography that tells your story is what it’s all about!  For the past twenty-four years I have been working with clients in this manner and loving it!

Thanks for looking and I’m glad you’re here!

Michael Moenning Photography

Something in the scenes above made me stop and make a picture.  Perhaps it was the smile on Shauna’s face, or the curl in the flamingo’s neck, or the look on the NYC fireman’s face as he battled a fire, or the symmetry of the crossbeams the ironworkers were welding, or the thick foam head of a freshly poured Guinness, or the carefree way the Dominican girls walked home from school.